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Alpine Pinks

Dianthus 'Superstar' PP025077

Flowers are fragrant with a hint of cloves, long-blooming. The flower itself has a white and pink pattern with a cherry-colored eye.

This collection is considered the best in Dianthus genetics with attractive, mounding foliage, excellent vigour and heat tolerance. Flowers are fragrant with a hint of cloves, long-blooming and come in wonderful colour combinations. This selection features serrated, overlapping petals in a white, hot pink and cherry combination. Heaviest bloom time is the spring but plants will bloom sporadically throughout the summer and into the fall. One of the Star™ Single collection from Whetman Pinks in Devon, UK. USPP#25077: unlicensed propagation prohibited.


Bloom Time:

Blooms mid spring, Blooms fall

Mature Height:

6-8 In

Hardiness Zone:

5-9 Find your zone


Full Sun

Features and Usage:

Greenhouse Growing Instructions:

Grow on at 62-65° F under long days with high lights levels. Keep soil evenly moist avoiding extremes. Provide good air circulation and keep foliage dry, especially at night. Once plants are actively growing, apply a slow release fertilizer. Plants generally finish in 6-8 weeks based on growing conditions.
Plants Per Gallon: 1

Transplanting Instructions:

Plant in well draining potting soil keeping crown of plant at same level it was in the plug. Do not plant crown below soil. Once potted, water immediately and apply a broad spectrum fungicide according to directions to avoid crown and root rot.

Homeowner Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Plant in any soil that drains well. Full sun is preferred but will tolerate partial shade although the blooms might not be as prolific.

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