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Full Shade
Partial Shade
Full Sun
Partial Sun
Faces in the Sun, Feet in the Shade

Soil Moisture

Average Water
Dry Soil
Water Garden
Well Drained Soil
Wet Soil/Wetlands

Season of Interest (Flowering)


Critter Resistance

Deer Resistant
Rabbit Resistant
Squirrel Resistant

Attracts Wildlife

Attracts Butterflies
Attracts Hummingbirds
Attracts Hummingbirds and Butterflies
Attracts Songbirds
Nourishment for fish


Good for borders and beds
Suitable for containers
Cut Flower
Drought Tolerant
Ground Cover
Native to the USA
Rock Garden
Winter Hardy
Woodland Area
Rozanne and Friends
Propagation prohibited without a license
Attractive Foliage
Bee Friendly
Eats mosquitoes and other insects
Excellent Cut Foliage
Increases natural filtration
Promotes a balanced ecosystem
Shade for Fish

Bloom Time

Blooms spring
Blooms early spring
Blooms mid spring
Blooms late spring
Blooms late spring to early summer
Blooms late spring to mid summer
Blooms late spring to fall
Blooms summer
Blooms summer to fall
Blooms early summer
Blooms early to mid summer
Blooms early summer to frost
Blooms mid summer
Blooms mid to late summer
Blooms mid summer to fall
Blooms late summer
Blooms late summer to fall
Blooms fall
Blooms late winter to mid spring
Foliage plant all season
Harvest early summer to fall
Harvest late spring to early summer
Harvest summer
10-12 weeks after planting
6-10 weeks after planting
Blooms early spring to fall
Harvest mid summer
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