Planting Muscari

Iris, and Tete a Tete

Specie Iris:

When planting specie iris, do not over water after planting and while storing in cooler. The soil should be moist, not wet.  If specie iris is planted in a growing medium that is water logged, or too wet, the bulbs will be unable to make roots, attacked by penicillum, and rot away in the pot.

Muscari Blue Magic:

The only Muscari suited for potted culture. It is genetically shorter than aremeniacum and somewhat slower, but does not fall over. Blue Magic is a very easy plant to grow, but does not like to be forced at a high temperature in the greenhouse. The ideal forcing temperature should be around 57 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Forcing Period

Storing Bulbs

Cooling Bulbs

Maximum Storage Time

Early Forcing: Mid December through Mid January

68 degrees Fahrenheit until planting

48 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 weeks

6 weeks

Late Forcing: After Mid January

77 degrees Fahrenheit in August. 68 degrees Fahrenheit in September until planting

48 degrees Fahrenheit for 14 weeks

8 weeks – if bulbs start to sprout early; drop cooler to 36 degrees Fahrenheit



An excellent way to force Muscari is to let it green up (weather permitting) outside for a few days, then force it in the greenhouse at 57 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows Muscari leaves to open up, the flower becomes visible right away, and plants become ready for packing and shipping.

Narcissus Tete a Tete:

When potting Tete a Tete, we advise that you plant with the nose of the bulb above the soil level. We have discovered problems with penicillum, which occurs when there is too much water or moisture in the pot and the bulbs are planted beneath the soil. Water and moisture will seep into the nose of the bulb during cold storage, and penicillum will grow.  This will create major problems during the greenhouse phase. Plants will not grow, and labor and waste will be created fixing up the pots. Therefore we advise the following:

  • Plant the nose of the bulb above ground.
  • Use a good aerated well balanced growing mix.
  • Do not over water before placing pots in cooler.
  • Water content in soil should be moist to dry.  
  • Place some soil in your palm, you should not quite be able to squeeze water out; if you do, it is too wet.