Gladiolus 'Deepest Red', Page 21 2019 Spring Garden Center

Gladiolus 'Deepest Red', Page 21 2019 Spring Garden Center

Spring Collection

Our Spring 2019 catalog is packed with new and exciting products as well as our time tested line of selections that allow you to offer your customers both variety and guaranteed planting success. These include beautiful and vibrant flower varieties that come complete with information including bulb subdivision, heights, and bloom time. We have added new collections and offer new Point of Purchase materials that will grab anyone's attention.  


New Varieties

Spring 2019

  • Begonia Superba Red
  • Begonia Superba Salmon
  • Begonia Superba White
  • Begonia Superba Yellow
  • Begonia Odorata Angelique
  • Begonia Odorata Pink Delight
  • Begonia Odorata Red Glory
  • Begonia Odorata Sunny Dream
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Carmen
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Cleo
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Emily
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Isabel
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Julia
  • Canna CannaSol® Happy Wilma
  • Dahlia Decorative Rip City
  • Gladiolus Novato
  • Gladiolus Sonate
  • Gladiolus Valencia
  • Gladiolus Youth Dew
  • Lilium Asiatic Easy Spot
  • Zantedeschia Captain Reno® 
  • Zantedeschia Captain Ventura® 
  • Zantedeschia Captain Morelli®
  • Zantedeschia Captain Romance® 

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With so many bulbs to choose from and the many needs of customers, what is the best way to plan my order? Spring Category Management.

Our Spring 2019 Catalog is available! We have salesmen in most regions of the country. They would be happy to stop in and visit with you and help you custom build your bulb program. Otherwise, for additional help, our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern time - 1.800.78.TULIP.

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