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USDA Hardiness

Zone Map

In 2012, the USDA revised hardiness zone mappings across the country. In our initial review of this restructure, your hardiness zone may have shifted slightly enabling you to over winter plants not otherwise hardy in your area previously.   When experimenting with plants at or above your hardiness zone, we suggest planting in an area with southern exposure and against the house or adding a little extra mulch in case harsher winters return.

When planning a garden, consider your local climate and the established "hardiness rating" of various plants you have in mind. Some plants cannot handle severe winters; others wither in heat; still others, such as many spring-flowering bulbs, need a cold period to stimulate growth cycles. Look at plant labels, bulb packaging, catalogues, and reference books for the hardiness ratings of individual plants.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs in your area 6 weeks before the ground freezes.

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