Holiday Collection

Gift Kits

Our Indoor Growing Kits are perfect holiday gifts, and we have many different value products, so there is something that fits everyone's budget.


  • Paperwhite & Hyacinths in Glass
  • Amaryllis Red Lion in Ceramic Planter
  • Amaryllis Apple Blossom in Ceramic Planter
  • Paperwhites in Ceramic Planter
  • Premium Indoor Gift Display
  • Indoor Gift Display with Regular Gift Kits
  • Amaryllis Cutting Edge in Ceramic Planter
  • Amaryllis Dancing Queen in Ceramic Planter
  • Amaryllis Jewel in Ceramic Planter
  • Amaryllis Athene in Ceramic Planter
  • Indoor Waxz Amaryllis

They are avaliable from October through December, and are in our Fall Collection 2019 Catalog. Contact us for a catalog or to schedule a salesman visit to discuss your profitable bulb program.