Spring Blends of Beauty Packaging

Blends of Beauty®


This new line of Blends of Beauty® blends both beauty and history. The mixes provide consumers with the sophisticated mixtures that consumers want today with the old world charm of Dutch bulb bags which brings us back to a simpler time years ago. The front of the bag provides a classic bulb bag look while the back of the bag provides a UPC code.


Varieties Found In

2020 Spring Collection

  • Gladiolus & Dahlia Bright Blend
  • Gladiolus Bright Blend
  • Dahlia Red Blend
  • Dahlia Purple Blend
  • Gladiolus Purple Blend
  • Dahlia Orange Blend
  • Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Blend
  • Lillium Rose Lily Blend
  • Dahlia Perception Blend
  • Dahlia Fubuki Blend
  • Shades of White Blend
  • Shades of Pink Blend


Varieties Found In

2019 Fall Collection

  • Narcissus White Blend
  • Tulip Breeders Blend
  • Tulip Delight Blend
  • Tulip Pink Blend
  • Tulip Royal Prince Blend
  • Tulip &Muscari Blend


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