Canna Indica 'Orange Magic' Elite™

Canna Indica 'Orange Magic' Elite™ Series

Elite™ Serries Cannas

Why are they better?

Elite Series Cannas are certified virus-free stock. Our grower has a certified nucleus greenhouse and a foundation greenhouse and lead a process of cleaning from virus for all of our varieties. 

The whole process begins with one rhizome, carefully selected. This rhizome passes through a special antiviral treatment and the virus-free material is then propagated by tissue culture.
The resulting Nuclear Stock consists of tiny plantlets each of which is grown in its isolated sterile environment and laboratory checked every 6 months. 

Every healthy virus-free plant receives a certificate and is then advanced to the Foundation Stock by means of vegetative propagation.
The Foundation Stock continues to grow in germ-free greenhouses for another year and a half, laboratory checked each 6 months, before propagation.

The combination of vegetative propagation and subsequent flowering ensures true to type species which is an advantage over pure micropropagation methods.

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Canna Nova Series

What is the advantage?

CANNOVA® is the name of a new series of Canna F1-Hybrids. The CANNOVA® series was bred from the species Canna x generalis. Traditional plant breeding methods were applied to develop the CANNOVA® series with the aim of producing varieties that could be used not only in subtropical and tropical climates where cannas originally evolved, but also in cooler summer climates.

We are offering CANNOVA in 3 popular colors of red, yellow and pink. The actively growing 3.5" pots means a quick finish time and less time heating the greenhouse while still providing one of the earliest cannas to market.  Their compact habit and good branch habit make these varieties perfect for pots, especially combination planters.

If you are looking for a short tight red not yet available in the Elite series, this is the Canna for you. 

Varieties (Click variety name for more information)

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