Pond In a Pot

The Easy Way to Design Your Own Tropical Oasis

Haven’t you always wanted your own water garden? Beautiful aquatic plants and even fish create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. Now, thanks to the creative team at Pond-in-a-Pot, your dream of a tropical oasis at home can become a reality! We take all the guesswork out of assembling a healthy, balanced mix of natural elements, we simply make it easy!












The Pond-in-a-Pot program uses color-coded plant tags to show you the way to something truly new and beautiful for your yard. Just set your Pond-in-a-Pot in a sunny spot on your deck or patio and enjoy the show!

Pond-in-a-Pot is easy to find at your local garden centre—just ask for it by name. We take great pride in our design expertise and materials, and hope to make your first encounter with these intriguing plants a pleasant and informative one. Welcome to the wonderful world of aquatic gardens!