Creating a


When deciding how to present product in your store, always remember that visual merchandising is an extension of your store’s customer experience. When planning for your store’s look, feel and product presentation, you must make sure to:

  • Create a visual impact: make it a feast for the senses. Shopping isn't just about
           picking up a product. It’s about impulse, attraction, and creating a memorable
           impression that will encourage the customer to come back over and over again.


Simple ways to create a lifestyle:

  • Dress up the display with plants and or forced bulbs
  • Use natural products like hay and pumpkins
  • Use an old shed as background
  • Use our bulk bulbs for a non big box store look
  • Display indoor product, as it would be used in a home

Most customers today are bombarded with sensory input. They have “habituated” to most environments. How do you break through habituation? There’s only one way: through change. Change your displays frequently and you’ll see how sales will improve.


Retailers who can provide consumers with products that simplify their lives will be winners. Today’s consumers don’t have time to decipher or even absorb all the marketing and advertising information they are bombarded with. In these circumstances, retailers must do the job for them and provide them with solutions rather than too many options.

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