Easter & Mother's Day Outdoor Rooting Instructions

Step 2b:

Planting in an Outdoor Rooting Bed

Easter & Mother's Day Outdoor Rooting Instructions

Outdoor Rooting Instructions

  • Plant bulbs in October
  • Use a well-balanced growing mix (as outlined in Step 1: Pre-Planting Instructions)
  • Place rooting bed in a well-drained area
  • Place rooting bed in an open area or field, not between greenhouses. Otherwise the sun will reflect excessive heat onto the rooting bed
  • Water all pots before placing winter cover over pots
  • Cover all pots with 2 to 3 inches of sand
  • Cover sand layer with 3 to 4 inches of straw salt hay immediately after planting. This is the winter cover
  • Spot check rooting bed for well rooted pots
  • To avoid loss and shrinkage due to freezing weather make sure that the perimeter pots are covered with sand 
  • On top of the 2 to 3 inches of sand, cover your bulbs with  an additional 4 to 6 inches of straw or salt hay. Do not use leaf compost or fresh cut grasses. This material will rot and decompose and create a heat insulated cover that will stretch up your hyacinths and tulips

Using a cooler?  Follow >> Step 2a: Cooler Instructions.

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