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Seedless Grape

Vitis labrusca 'Himrod'

Produces large bunches of white seedless grapes with sweet honey-like flavor; very juicy.

1) Plant in early spring as soon as your soil can be worked. Grapes will grow in moist well-drained soils with pH preferably between 5.6 and 6.4.
2) Place your rooted cutting in a hole large enough to spread roots in a downward outward fashion.
3) Fill hole, tamp soil around grape and water well. Prune cutting back to a single cane leaving 2-3 buds.
4) After danger of frost has passed and growth has begun, remove all but the two strongest shoots per vine.


Bloom Time:

Harvest summer

Mature Height:

48-100 In

Hardiness Zone:

4-7 Find your zone


Full Sun

Features and Usage:

Greenhouse Growing Instructions:

Stake predominate vine to be main stem, then trim side vines. Grow at 55-65° F in high light to promote root growth keeping soil evenly moist, not overly wet. Provide good air circulation and keep leaves dry to avoid disease.
Plants Per Gallon: 1
Storage Temperature Prior to Planting: 38
Cooler Humidity Prior to Planting: Low

Transplanting Instructions:

Presoak 2 hours then plant in well draining soil with 6.0-6.5 pH level. Cover top most side roots with 2-3" of soil, spread roots down into the pot, trim if necessary. Water immediately, apply a broad spectrum fungicide to avoid crown and root rot.

Homeowner Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Plant in well-drained soil in full sun. Spread roots out as much as possible to establish a good base.

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